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Tiny Table

I made this speaker stand from wood I harvested on our property. The legs are about the smallest thing I've ever made but required as much work to make as full sized table legs. I used one board 11" wide and 1" thick for this project and have several tons of nice oak left. Bits: 1/2" end mill, 1/4 ball" nose, bottom cleaning planar bit.

Thanks Google for the Memories

Just finished rewriting ALL my mapping code to eliminate the Google Mapping API. On July 22, 2018, Google upped the price to use their mapping API by 25 times. That's a 2500% increase in cost. That changed the charge for using their API from what it would take to finance a 10 year old Honda CRV to a mortgage, taxes and insurance on a million dollar home. I am now using OpenLayers for all my mapping needs. Cost: $0. Well, except for the bandwidth and that's insignificant. Thanks Google!