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My First Coding Job

  Many moons ago, in a land far, far away. I wrote my first code when I was working my way through school as a night computer operator. I was so bad at being an operator that I thought they'd fire me, or move me into an accounting position. The reason I was so horrible was that the nightly job consisted of stacking thousands of cards into input hoppers on the computer, and placing critical control cards that had to be absolutely without error in exactly the right place in the stack. It wasn't an impossible job, but to an 18 year old with the attention span of a gnat, I made errors. When I made an error, part or all of the run was trashed and the day people had to rerun my stuff. In desperation, I started reading the manuals, all written in Spanish (Miami), to figure out how I could make the job easier to run and less prone to silly errors. The manuals, were excellently written with lots of examples and flowcharts. IBM really knew how to get the point across. It took me a few we

Review of Android App RadarNow! by ChatGPT

I posed this question to ChatGPT. "Please write an 300 word essay describing the android application RadarNow!. If you're able to read reviews, please summarize the comments from users. " RadarNow! - A Comprehensive Weather Radar App RadarNow! is a cutting-edge android application designed to provide users with real-time weather radar data and forecasts in a user-friendly and accessible manner. With its simple interface and powerful features, RadarNow! has become a go-to choice for weather enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday users seeking accurate weather information on the go. At its core, RadarNow! offers a detailed and interactive radar map, displaying live weather data from multiple weather radars across the United States and other supported regions. This feature enables users to track rain, snow, storms, and other weather patterns with exceptional precision. By utilizing the latest radar technology, the app provides up-to-date and reliable information, all

What is God?

  2017 Eclipse taken from 10,000 feet over northwestern Tennessee People have been asking the question since time began, and after 50 years of contemplation, I believe I have a reasonable answer. Throughout most of history, God has been regarded as a supreme being in many cultures. The similarities are striking. One aspect that I find interesting is that the supreme being is always depicted as all-knowing and all-powerful. When a child is killed and eaten by wolves, it is attributed to God's will, and the will of God remains unfathomable. Except for the organizers of religious institutions, who claim to possess a direct line to God's ear and can hear God's thoughts.  The question is often posed as "Who is God?" rather than "What is God?" I believe that anthropomorphizing the existence of a supreme intelligence unnecessarily complicates matters. The question should be "What" rather than "Who" since no one in the entire history of human