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Too Funny

Ok, so the subject is controversial and the topic isn't funny, but this meme is.

RadarNow! Milestone

Today we reached a perfect 4.500 rating for RadarNow!. It has shown in the Google Play Store as 4.5 for quite a while but now, we've got a 4.5 with no rounding. Yay!

Google Opinion Rewards

When I first started using this app and taking their surveys, I thought it was kind of silly and maybe a waste of time. Turns out to be quite a valuable little app. I've earned $260 so far answering surveys that take a few seconds.

Phishing 101

This test is one that everyone needs to take and fully understand. If you can't get 8/8, take it again until you understand all the cases perfectly. Many people get tripped up by these fakeouts.

Debugging a Three Way Switch

We had a number of three way switches in our house that didn't work when we moved in. In fact, not one worked right. Whomever wired the house back in 1986 either didn't care or didn't know how to hook them up correctly. If you're not an electrician, or are not familiar with their standardized technical terms, the troubleshooting guides available might be confusing or useless. The information that comes with the switches seems to be the same. After pondering this issue for a few minutes the answer presented itself. 1. The "common" wire is either the load (to the light) or the hot wire (from the breaker box). 2. A "traveler" wire is just a wire that only connects to the switch. It doesn't lead to the load or the breaker box. To identify the "common" wires, the simplest method is to disconnect the switches and use a voltage detector pen (such as a Fluke VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester ) to find the hot wire. Once the hot wire

Cool Picture

This is a picture of condensation on the inside of a lid on a pot of crab legs cooking on the stove. The water is seconds away from boiling. Crab legs.... yummy.