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Stinson 108 Propeller Mount

My wife's father had removed a wooden propeller from his Stinson 108 many decades ago, replacing it with a metal one. He kept the prop as a keepsake and passed it on to his daughter. I made her this mount, which is 47"x 27" using virtually every tool in my shop. Turned out pretty nice. Weighs about 65 lbs. with the propeller attached. The finished project: And with the propeller attached: A humble beginning as a drawing: The foam core of the cowl: Refined a bit: After sanding, a long, drawn out process: A raft of other components were required. The base, 1 1/2" thick oak, stained golden oak and clear coated with oil based poly: A "crankshaft" which was made on the indexer with a 5/8" hole down the center. The aluminum plate to mount the prop with, made from bezeled 1/4" plate: And last, but not least, the grills. These were the most difficult part but hardly visible. I made these freeha

Ode to a Head Cold

Oh, my head is full of snot! So flying is something I cannot. Tho' Kleenex is my friend,  I hope this will soon end And I can finally put away my Neti pot.