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RadarNow! 6.7 v229

Rolling out the newest version of RadarNow!. This version fixes the current conditions and forecast problem and updates the codebase to use APK level 26. Nothing major to the user there but involves quite a few internal structural issues. New users will be presented with a permissions dialog.

RadarNow 6.7 v229 Beta Released

There's a problem with the current conditions that required an update to RadarNow! to fix. We've finished the update and have tested it out the best we can. Our testing has revealed that everything works and the update was successful, however, only a wider audience can prove that out. To opt in to the Beta version and download the 6.7 v229 release, please follow this link: As usual, premium users may see their premium status revert to free for a minute or two after downloading this version. Just exit RadarNow! and restart and premium should be restored. Specific things to look out for: 1. Current conditions and forecast functioning as normal. 2. Free users seeing ads. 3. Premium users NOT seeing ads (wait a minute after upgrade for premium to be established). 4. Maps loading and looking as they should. 5. People installing RadarNow! after uninstalling should see the new permissions screen. 6. There

Stinson 108 Propeller Mount

My wife's father had removed a wooden propeller from his Stinson 108 many decades ago, replacing it with a metal one. He kept the prop as a keepsake and passed it on to his daughter. I made her this mount, which is 47"x 27" using virtually every tool in my shop. Turned out pretty nice. Weighs about 65 lbs. with the propeller attached. The finished project: And with the propeller attached: A humble beginning as a drawing: The foam core of the cowl: Refined a bit: After sanding, a long, drawn out process: A raft of other components were required. The base, 1 1/2" thick oak, stained golden oak and clear coated with oil based poly: A "crankshaft" which was made on the indexer with a 5/8" hole down the center. The aluminum plate to mount the prop with, made from bezeled 1/4" plate: And last, but not least, the grills. These were the most difficult part but hardly visible. I made these freeha

Ode to a Head Cold

Oh, my head is full of snot! So flying is something I cannot. Tho' Kleenex is my friend,  I hope this will soon end And I can finally put away my Neti pot.