Inexpensive Thermal Imaging Camera

The Seek Thermal camera actually uses the heat energy being emitted by the object, as opposed to a regular camera which uses light reflected off of objects to form an image. Thermal cameras can take images without any visible light, complete darkness.

This gadget attaches to the micro USB port of either Android or iOS devices. For Android, the list of devices approved to use this camera are rather short. I used my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, not an approved device but it does have Android 4.3 and OTG (On The Go powered USB). At first, I couldn't use the camera but within a few days of my initial failure, the app was updated and now it works.

There are lots of things this camera can do. I'll probably only use a tiny fraction of its overall capability but for me, this device works great for my requirements. Great toy, great tool.

Seek Thermal's camera is $199 directly ordered from them. See their website for a list of approved Android and iOS devices. Be sure your device is on the list BEFORE you order.

Here's an image of my cat Dylan in Long Wave Infrared.

It can also be used for more practical things, like looking for places in a home that are wasting energy or have inadequate insulation. Here's my front door. Looks like a lot of heat being wasted here.


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