Flyers in the Mailbox Without a Stamp

Pretty much everyone has found a flyer in their mailbox from someone who drove by and physically placed it in their box. This is sort of a right of passage for the young and jobless and also those industrious individuals starting a new business like window washing or lawn service.

The problem with people using your mailbox as an advertising vehicle is that it is against US Federal Law and US Postal regulations to do so.

These folks might have nothing but good intentions, however, they can also be using this as an excuse to steal your mail. That is why it's illegal.

Here's the actual statute from the USPS:

From the link:

“We know many customers might not object to having a particular item placed in their mailbox from time to time, but the reasons for restricting use of mailboxes is really two-fold,” said Postmaster Keith Jackson. “First, if there is not enough room in a mailbox due to unauthorized items, the Postal Service can’t deliver the customer’s mail. Secondly, the Postal Service wants to ensure the integrity of our customer’s mailbox. That’s why only Postal Service personnel are authorized to place mail in or remove mail from mailboxes. In fact, U.S. Postal Inspectors advise customers to report people going mailbox to mailbox who are not postal employees. It could be someone completely unaware of the statute placing advertisements, but it could also be someone trying to steal mail.”

If you find such articles, you can report them to your local post office or perhaps if you're a gentler soul, tell the offending advertiser they are breaking the law.


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