PVC Schedule 40 Flexible Pipe

Anyone who has had to use numerous fittings to connect two pieces of PVC pipe will love the new Schedule 40 flexible PVC pipe. There are a lot of really great reasons to use this innovation in PVC piping:

1. It's virtually unbreakable. Unlike rigid PVC pipe, flexible pipe can withstand a lot of tortue before failing.

2. Instead of using numerous fittings to connect two pipes together, flexible pipe can be connected with nothing more than standard couplings.

3. Water will flow better through a complex join between pipes using flexible PVC since there are no sharp bends like elbows.

4. Even though flexible PVC is more expensive by the foot, it can be cheaper to use since the installation of this material is far simpler since fewer fittings are required.

5. Less fittings means less chance for mistakes and leaks.

The only drawback to flexible PVC that I can see is that it costs more per linear foot than rigid PVC.

Some pictures of this material in use:

Flexible 2" PVC used in an odd joint.
Flexible 2" PVC used in a vacuum application.
Home Depot sells this stuff online (but not in stores) in 25 foot rolls. It's available from other resellers as well.


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